In the post election swirl, Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity/ and/or Fear” is likely to evaporate in the internet ether, but there are pointers to remember. Stewart was true to his appeal to the fact based political disposition talking mostly about a subject on which he is an expert: the media. ”The press is our immune system, if we overact to everything, we get sicker.”  At present, “the media is us through a fun house mirror”.  Then Stewart took up the “working together” theme.  Americans do work together to get things done, he said, except here in Washington and on cable.

Stewart did not even hint, though, at the real media story.  Tom Engelhardt spelled it out  on his  Three billion dollars were spent on political ads in this election. The media was the corporate interest that raked that money. With the Citizens United Supreme Court decision the next election will have even more undisclosed donor money destroying our democratic institutions, and how will we know when our sources of information have a big stake in keeping the political money game going.

Normally, it is only sweet reason to talk about working together to get things done, but not in this political climate. It is not a game plan if you want to win this game.  But Stewart may have given us something useful for a game plan, however, in the “Sanity Rally” as a tactic.  Let us set up a whistle blower who will call us out to demonstrate every time the Republicans obstruct good programs or propose bad ones. Let us have a thousand “Sanity” demonstrations.