Answering to no constituents, 85% of the projected 2015 shortfall and 44% of the 2030 projectd shortfall would be eliminated by rolling taxes back to the Clinton rates, adding a 5.4% on income above $1 million and subjecting some income above $106k to payroll tax.

Eliminating farm subsidies, reducing the federal workforce by 10%, reducing spending on nuclear arsenal, taking the military to pre-Iraq size, reducing our military presence in Europe, and Asia, delaying some weapons programs, and noncombat overhead more than eliminates the 2015 shortfall and cuts the 2030 projected shortfall by 71%.

Increasing the Social Security and Medicare eligibility age to 68, and reducing Social Security benefits for those with higher incomes, tightening eligibility for disability and using some undisclosed alternate measure for inflation for calculating Social Security benefit cost of living increases, eliminating loopholes and having banks pay into a fund to offset their size and risk taking turns the projected shortfall into a surplus.