In a world historical event today Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak left office along with his cabinet. Power has passed to a military council charged with taking concrete steps towards fully democratic elections, preceded by the resignation of the Parliament and the redrafting of a new constitution and electoral law. One important outcome of events in Egypt: Never again will governments, experts and the media be able to say of a country that it is authoritarian, yes, but stable, and basically supported by its people. You don’t know what is going on in a dictatorship UNTIL IT IS OVER. This moment cannot pass without a comment on some, at least, of the Republican reactions. Dick Cheney, in particular, said the US should have stuck by its ally Mubarak. This is not just because of concern for the impact on Israel. At heart, Republicans like Dick Cheney are not democrats. They used democracy as cover for the war in Iraq, fought for other reasons. Even their basic ideas about democracy aren’t what most people mean by the word. For them it is most importantly, free market fundamentalism, not free and fair elections. We hope their ideas will see as “old think” as Hosni Mubarak.