When asked about who she is Michele Bachmann unequivocally answers she is the person who was “born again” in college, who got married because her husband to be had a revelation in a dream, got a degree in tax law because the Lord, through her husband, instructed her to do so, and who declared for President because God told her that was the right decision. The issues that she has chosen to push are justified in the strongest possible religious terms, especially her anti gay and lesbian agenda, calling the life of a gay member of her family “part of Satan” and homosexuals as in “bondage to sin”. She has described gay marriage as the biggest issue for the nation “in the last, at least, 30 years”. (Note: One may well ask what the rest of the world will think of American leadership that thinks combating gay marriage is its highest priority.)

Mitt Romney made it clear in his “Faith in America” speech in the last electoral cycle he was for less authority for government and more authority for religion. He said there was a place for all religious denominations but did not mention a place for the non-religious. Bachmann seems even more inspired than Romney to get rid of secular government, a goal which might make her job as President easier, since in the broad area of social welfare and public institutions her answer to needs can always be no. It is by no means clear she will think she needs to consult experts or rely on factual information in making Presidential decisions on, say, dealing with a narco-state future Mexico, or the collapse of a major ice sheet in Antarctica.

Trent Lott, Senate Majority Leader in the 90s, once made the policy statement that it was “immoral” for the government to take more than 30% in taxes from an individual’s income. In like manner, Bachmann may just offer religious fiats without factual justifications for her choices. Bachmann, in announcing for President, certainly didn’t trouble herself with any fact checking when she praised the spirit of her birthplace, Waterloo, Iowa, by invoking its other native celebrity, John Wayne. The trouble was that, in fact, the John Wayne born in Waterloo was John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer.