On the anniversaries of the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment and the 1963 March on Washington, which are this week, MomsRising joins our colleagues in working to mobilize women voters around preserving women’s Health and Economic Rights (HERrights) in order to build an even stronger nation that lives up to its full potential.
The current extremist attacks on women’s health and family economic security serve to weaken the United States and our families, not strengthen them. Frankly, when family economic and health security is threatened, we are all threatened.

To counter these threats, MomsRising has joined forces with the quickly expanding leadership of #HERvotes, which includes organizations that are on the very forefront of women’s equity issues, including those representing women of color, women’s faith groups, women labor leaders, along with a mixture of long-standing organizations like the 130 year old AAUW, to relatively new organizations like the five year old MomsRising, along with many more organizations, and many more to come.

We have all joined forces in order to bring the power of grassroots on-the-ground and online organizing to mobilize women voters.

As a start, this week, we are launching that effort with a cross organization #HERvotes blog carnival and social media effort.

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