I have a friend who was director of a gun violence prevention organization, Cease Fire Pa. She told me she stood outside of malls passing out Cease Fire literature. Women, she said, would tell her in low voices that they agreed with her movement, but couldn’t support it – because they were afraid. I asked my friend if the reason they were afraid was that they thought some gun rights fanatic would find their homes, ring her their door bells and shoot them, they said “yes”.

I am reminded of that conversation discussing among my colleagues at the Woman’s National Democratic Club what we should do about the March gun rights fanatics are planning for July 4. An ex Marine, Adam Kokesh, wants to bring his group, with loaded rifles slung on their backs, to march around the Capitol and the White House. The point, he is quoted as saying, is “to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated.” To do this he would have to break a number of laws and DC Police Chief Lanier has said they won’t be let into the District.

Still, maybe they would get into the District. We thought about how we would push back and protest the protest. We thought of going up to the marchers wearing placards saying “I am a teacher, I work for the government….I am a diplomat, I work for the government… I am a fire fighter…. I work for the government….why are you threatening ME?” Then, finally, what about putting flowers into their rifle butts?
Elizabeth Spiro Clark