One outcome of the U.S. operation against bin Laden was that three bin Laden widows were taken into Pakistani custody, not incidentally freeing them from a horrifyingly restricted life lived in full “purdah”.
U.S. officials have requested access to bin Laden’s widows for the purpose of questioning them for relevant information they may have on terrorist operations. Pakistani officials reportedly continue to withhold access, and also have refused to share the women’s interrogation reports. There are arguments to be made both in support of the U.S. request and in opposition to it. Please give us your opinion here.


Carie Lemack, Co-founder of Global Survivors Network (GSN), a global organization for victims of terror to speak out against terrorism and radicalization, and daughter of a 9/11 victim, was interviewed on the killing of bin Laden. She talked of her shock and relief. She also made the important point that she thought the media should stop showing images of bin Laden: “I simply do not think he deserves the attention.” She said of her mother “she was someone who believed in bringing good into the world, trying to make it better—which is the exact opposite of Osama bin Laden, who only brought pain and misery.”
When interviewed, former Senator Bob Kerry took up Lemack’s reaction. In his view, the world should focus on what is happening in Egypt and Tunisia, where they are building democratic regimes “that are the main enemy of al-Qaeda.”

Other voices too:
“The problem now is not how you can destroy something, how you can resist something, it’s how can you build something new — a new state, a new authority, a new relationship between the public and leadership, a new civil society,” –Radwan Sayyid, Professor of Islamic studies, Lebanese University, Beirut.
“It was the anger that made bin Laden a hero. When people see a measure of hope elsewhere he becomes and irrelevant quantity in Arab society.”– Emile Hokayem, Senior fellow International Institute for Strategic Studies in the Middle East

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