October 31, a date on which he could only be identified as the presumptive DC mayor-elect, Vincent Grey, roused an enthusiastic and happy full house luncheon audience.  Introduced by his charming and overachieving daughter (“I have two kids, both with jobs!” he joked), and surrounded by past and present colleagues and friends, he pledged to continue his campaign vow of “One City!, and described the packed town hall meetings he has held  since the primary election – 1,000 in Ward 5, 800 in Ward 3, 1,000 in Ward 7, and 6-800 in Ward 2.  People are not apathetic.  They care and want to be a part of institutions that make decisions affecting their lives.  He is proud of the institution he is leaving, the City Council, which, he noted, had a favorability rating of 62%.  Compare that, he said, to that other institution, the US Congress!

Grey discussed the priorities for his administration, starting with education. He is streamlining the dysfunctional bureaucracy, creating separate agencies to handle the physical infrastructure, legal matters and information.  His focus will be on early childhood with the goal of free kindergarten for all and a commitment to vocational education through community college. Other priorities are public safety and finances.  To be financially solid requires self-determination (“We live in a democracy!”).

When asked what we at the WNDC could do to help, he was quick to reply: work for statehood.  “Power concedes nothing without a struggle – I am going to fight!”


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